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Service Highlights

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    Fast Delivery

    • 1 gram mAb delivered in 4 weeks
    • 10 grams mAb delivered in 5 weeks
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    High Titer

    • mAb average titer 2 g/L,
      up to 3.4 g/L
    • bsAb titer up to 0.8 g/L
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    CHO-K1 Cell

    • the same host cell used in CMC development

Case Study

ProGram Series

Taking the production of monoclonal antibodies as an example, ProGram Fast is capable of producing up to 75 grams of samples. If more samples or repeated production are required, GenScript ProBio also provides ProGram Cell Pool and ProGram Cell Line services. These two types of services can produce up to kilograms of samples. Check out the table below for more information about our ProGram series and find the most suitable service for your project.

ProGram Fast ProGram Cell Pool ProGram Cell Line
Service Content Fast Sample Preparation Stable Cell Pool Development Stable Cell Line Development
Timeline* 4-7 weeks 12-14 weeks 14-16 weeks
Deliverables Purified proteins Top 3 cell pools Top 3 clones
Maxi Yield 75 g 10 g to Kilograms 10 g to Kilograms
QC Standards SEC-HPLC: ≥95% for antibody, ≥90% for recombinant protein;
Endotoxin≤1 EU/mg

*Timeline is from gene synthesis to ready for shipment

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