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Perfusion Process Development Workflow

Perfusion Service Highlights

Fast to Clinic

Up to 88g/L titer
>10x higher productivity

Fast to Clinic

10 Months from DNA to Tox
13 Months from DNA to DP ready

Fast to Clinic

Up to 200L perfusion GMP capacity
Parallelly develop perfusion and fed-batch process

Fast to Clinic

Lower 60%-80% COGS
70% CapEx saving

Perfusion IND Package Timeline

Perfusion Process Development Timeline

Case Study

GenScript ProBio developed the intensified perfusion process for a monoclonal antibody molecule. The daily productivity reached 4g/L/day and accumulative productivity reached 88g/L, which was 20x higher than fed-batch process. The product quality remains the same during the cell culture time.

Perfusion Process Development Case Study