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Service Highlights

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    Top-tier Equipment

    • SYNTEGON filling line
    • Ross freeze-thaw machine
    • KYOWAC lyophilizer
    • SEIDENADER visual inspector
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    Filling capability for multiple dosage forms

    • Vial liquid filling
    • Vial lyophilized powder filling
    • Pre-filled syringes filling
    • Nasal spray filling
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    Global Quality System

    • Comply with FDA/NMPA/EMA regulations
    • 100+ client audits globally

Filling Capacity

Liquid Filling Lyophilized Powder Filling Syringe Filling Nasal Spray Filling
Filling system SYNTEGON Filling Line SYNTEGON Filling Line
TOFFLON Lyophilizer
ORABs filling line from SYNTEGON Flexicon Filling pump
Aptar sealer
Filling volume 0.3ml-20ml 0.3ml-20ml 0.3ml-1ml 0.3-20ml
Container Size 2R,6R,10R,20R 2R,6R,10R,20R 1ml All size of snap on
Batch Capability 30,000 pcs/batch 22,200 pcs/batch 28,880 pcs/batch 6,000 pcs/batch
Filling Speed 125 pcs/min 125 pcs/min 120 pcs/min /

*SYNTEGON (former Bosch Packaging Technology)

Liquid filling Lyophilized Powder Filling
Filling System SYNTEGON Filling Line SYNTEGON Filling Line
KYOWAC Lyophilizer
Filling Volume 0.3ml-20ml 0.3ml-20ml
Container Size 2R,6R,10R,20R 2R,6R,10R,20R
Batch Capability 192,000 pcs/batch 192,000 pcs/batch
Filling Speed 400 pcs/min 400 pcs/min

*SYNTEGON (former Bosch Packaging Technology)

Manufacturing Center, Nanjing

Manufacturing Center, Zhenjiang

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