Service features

  • Specific method development
  • One-stop developability assessment service, guide for optimization and screening, identify the potential risks
  • High quality

Service Package

  • Method development and validation
    • mAbs, recombinant proteins, endogenous proteins
    • ADA detection
    • Nab detection
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
    • PK in Rat or mouse
    • PK in NPH
    • Bio-distribution
    • RO
    • Vaccine titer detection

Case 1. Drug Concentration of antibody biosimilar in monkey serum


A. Antibody biosimilar were administered into monkey by I.V., the antibody concentration was determined by PD1 based on ELISA, and the PK parameters were calculated by WinNonlin.

Case 2. RO analysis in Monkey and Human WBC


A. According to the results, 5ug/mL and 1ug/mL test antibody can full saturate the target in monkey and human WBC, respectively.

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