Service Features

  • Multiple platform for qualitative and quantitative testing
  • Customized analysis
  • High quality

Service Package

  • ELISA testing

    • Bioanalytical method development
    • Bioanalytical validation
    • PK/ADA analysis
    • Cytokine analysis

  • FACS testing

    • RO testing
    • TIL analysis

  • Pathology testing

    • IHC testing
    • HE testing
    • Multi-IF assays
    • RNAscope

  • Molecular testing

    • Sanger sequencing
    • RT-PCR / Q-PCR
    • Genotyping

Service Flowchart for ELISA testing

FACS testing for immunotyping

Detection of human CD45 positive T cells in human PBMC humanized NCG mice

Pathology testing

GenScript ProBio provides comprehensive Pathology testing service, including HE staining, IHC, etc.

A. HE staining results from different disease models

B. (a) liver fibrosis tissue; (b) fatty liver; (c) tumor tissue; (d) eyeball tissue

C. IHC results for different Immuno-biomarkers from xenograft tumor samples (a) CD3e IHC (b) CD8 IHC 400X (c) CD25 IHC 400X (d) PDL1 IHC 400X (e) CD69 IHC 400X (f) KI67 IHC 400X

Molecular Testing Platform

Genscript Probio provides Western Blot, Q-PCR, RNAscope, etc. services, can carry out protein/mRNA extraction, quantitative, sequencing and other molecular related experiments, support One-Stop research of animal samples.

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