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GenScript ProBio Named a Top 10 Drug Discovery Solution Provider in Asia-Pacific

Recently, GenScript ProBio is selected as one of the “Top 10 Drug Discovery Solution Providers in Asia-Pacific 2021” by Pharma Tech Outlook magazine. The purpose of this award is to discover new forces that are rapidly developing in the Asia-Pacific region, so that more industry players can see some fast-growing companies with a sense of industry responsibility. Based on data analysis of industry and evaluation by experts from the editorial board, GenScript ProBio was named "Top 10 Drug Discovery Solution Providers in Asia-Pacific 2021" for its outstanding performance.

Dr. Brian Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio, accepted an interview with the magazine. The editorial board of Pharma Tech Outlook was deeply impressed by GenScript ProBio’s outstanding performance in the field of antibody drug discovery, and selected GenScript ProBio’s CEO Dr. Brian Min as the cover character of the issue of "Drug Discovery APAC 2021 edition". The following is a summary of the interview.

The efficacy of clinical trials for drug discovery and development hinges on identifying a suitable compound that could eventually lead to the development of a credible pharmaceutical product. That said, pharmaceutical manufacturers have failed to capitalize on the market potential, often developing defective products that barely pass the clinical trial, let alone succeed in the marketplace. A primary factor attributed to such unnecessary expenditure is the lack of comprehensive knowledge on molecules, alongside improper clinical trial management or inadequate quality management. Safe to say, these inadequacies have weighed down on drug developers and manufacturers.

GenScript ProBio empowers pharmaceutical organizations and its valued stakeholders to fuel the development of relevant molecules and produce therapeutic antibody candidates for disease causing multi-membrane proteins. As pharmaceutical companies enter new avenues to study sophisticated molecule structures for more complex targets/illnesses, GenScript ProBio’s extensive scientific know-how and subject matter expertise allows them to offer services, covering research and manufacturing workflow with uncompromised quality. “As of October 2021, we have completed over 950 projects, including nearly 200 projects for antibody discovery of multi transmembrane targets,” says Dr. Brian Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio.

In addition to its extensive experience, GenScript ProBio is committed to building an industry-leading platform for antibody drug technology. GenScript ProBio’s Single B Cell Antibody Discovery system allows pharmaceuticals to speed up the process and complete the process in quick succession of time. Another trend that GenScript ProBio addresses is Bispecific Antibody Discovery. The Drug Discovery solution provider offers its clients a SMABody platform that enables them to have access to various options to develop Bispecific antibodies without any license fee. Its excellent track records in working with multi transmembrane molecule targets provides unparalleled leadership in the drug discovery field. Up to now, GenScript ProBio has helped global customers obtain 9 IND approvals.

Moreover, “We can help our clients through the tough regulatory landscape and assist them in obtaining approval for their projects,” says Dr. Min. GenScript ProBio follows the international leading design concept and is a true "zero-crossover, unidirectional flow" plant, which meets FDA, EMA and NMPA regulatory requirements.

Offering pharma companies, a wholesome experience in outsourcing services and solutions, GenScript ProBio also shares its advice and makes suggestions for new players in the drug discovery space. “Ultimately, our clients are the decision-makers, but based on our experience and scientific knowledge in drug discovery CRO and Biologics CDMO services, we can suggest the best approach to produce a therapeutic antibody,” says Dr. Min. In setting the standard for drug discovery service delivery, GenScript ProBio has worked alongside many pharmaceuticals to provide an end-to-end approach with zero hindrance in drug discovery and production. “Our capability to rapidly develop multi transmembrane targets that are complex and sophisticated for biologics product development with a success rate of above eighty-five percent allows us to continue innovating to serve our clients with even more efficiency,” concludes Dr. Min.

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