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Benefits of Bispecific Antibody

  • Novel

    Superior Potency through
    Novel MOA

  • Improved

    Low off-target binding reduces
    side effects

  • Controlling

    Develop only 1 molecule and save 1/2 of investment in comparison with combination therapy

Concerns in Developing Bispecific Antibody

  • Unnatural format
Manufacture problems
  • Product instability
  • Low expression level
  • Complex purification process

GenScript ProBio's SMABody Bispecific Antibody

GenScript ProBio SMABody(Single-domain antibody fused to monoclonal Ab) platform naturally combine the single domain antibody and the monoclonal antibody to make a bispecific antibody in symmetric format with good biological efficacy and good developability.

  • SMAB
  • SMAB

    Single Domain Antibody

Service Highlights

    • CLD titer>2g/L
    • Yield>60%
    • One step protein A purity>95%
    • Solubility>25mg/ml
    • Stability>95% after 5 time freeze-thaw
    • PK half life 2-3 weeks
    • Low immunogenicity risk
    • 3-5 month for SMABody™ screening & evaluation
    • 10 month for preclinical development
      • 1 plasmid system for CLD
      • No additional purification
      • No post-production process
  • SMAB-advance
    • Ideal for dual targeting MOA
    • Flexibility to modulate dual target effect to achieve best potency
    • Possibility on ADCC/CDC enhancement
    • Uniqueness of sdAb to target to “hidden” epitope, such as GPCR
    • sdAb discovery or sdAb lead ready for use
    • No license Fee

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SMABody Collaboration Opportunities

SMABody Bispecific Antibody Platform is available for R&D service and co-development model.

Talk to our customer service representatives for collaboration opportunities.

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