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Our Services

  • Cell Banking

    Working within GMP regulations, GenScript ProBio offers cell banking manufacturing services to customers.

  • ProLVV Manufacturing

    ProLentiviral Vector manufacturing is appropriate for the use in non-clinical phases, with both adherent and suspension culture systems.

  • Lentiviral Vector One-stop Solution

    One-stop solution covering process development, analytical development, suspension production, LVV Manufacturing GMP manufacturing and stability test to support regulatory filings.

  • GMP LVV Manufacturing

    GMP lentiviral vector is manufactured compliant to GMP regulations, suitable for early phase clinical trials.

Our Facility and Experience

  • 2,500 m2 state-of-the-art facility dedicated for viral vectors manufacturing
  • Global partners collaborating on viral vector projects
  • >10 IND approvals
  • Experience in adherent system and suspension culture system

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