Assay Workflow

Figure1: Workflow for inhibitory left panel and co-stimulatory right panel immune checkpoint targets

Service Details

Targets ID Features Application Timeline
Stimulatory checkpoint OX-40  GITR
CD-40   4-1BB
HTS Compatible
Quality control:stable signal window, high reproducibility
extensively-experienced:>1000 projects
Antibody drug screening and batch release during CMC stage 2 weeks
inhibitory checkpoint PD-1       TIGIT
PD-L1     LAG3
CTLA-4   TIM-3
Dual checkpoint PD-1/TIGIT   PD-1/4-1BB
PD-1/LAG3   PD-1/CTLA-4
Tumor angiogenesis VEGF-VEGFR2
Interleukin IL-1β  IL-33
IL-1α   IL-36
Myeloid cell checkpoint CD47-SIRPα