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Considerations for Functional Reporter Assay Development

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Functional Reporter Assay Cell Line At GenScript Probio

Assay Type Examples of developed functional reporter assay cell lines
Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Assay
  • CD47-SIRPa Blockade Bioassay
  • TIGIT/CD155 Blockade Bioassay
  • LAG3/MHCII Blockade Bioassay
  • PD-1/PD-L1 Blockade Bioassay
Immune checkpoint Activation assay
  • GITR Activation Bioassay
  • 4-1BB Activation Bioassay
  • OX-40 Activation Bioassay
  • CD27 Activation Bioassay
  • CD40 Activation Bioassay
Dual Target Bioassay
  • PD-1+TIGIT
  • CD3+CD19
  • CD3 Bispecific antibody series
  • CD16 Bispecific antibody series
Fc Effector Activity Bioassay
  • ADCC Reporter Bioassay
  • ADCP Reporter Bioassay
Cytokine and Cellular Signaling-related Bioassay
  • NFAT Reporter cell line
  • NF-KB Reporter cell line
  • NF-KB/AP-1 Reporter cell line
  • IL-2 promoter Reporter cell line
  • STAT-5 Reporter cell line
  • VEGF Reporter cell line
  • ANG2 Reporter cell line

Case 1. Response Element (RE) DNA Sequence Optimization

The response window is an important indicator for reporter gene assay cell line . Rich experience in RE sequence optimization assists us to develop a customized assay with high sensitivity.


Case 2. Assay Method Optimization

GenScript ProBio will scrutinize the key factors such as cell seeding density, serum concentration, and incubation conditions to achieve an optimal assay.


Case 3. PD-1+TIGIT Combination Bioassay

Two engineered cell lines - PD-L1/CD155 aAPC/CHO-K1 Cell and PD-1/TIGIT Effector Cell are used in this bioassay. The interaction between TIGIT and CD155, and PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibits TCR-mediated activation. When disrupting the interactions of both pairs, TCR activation will be restored indicated by the luminescence signal.

PD-1+TIGIT 组合功能细胞系
  • (1) TCR activation induces luciferase activity.
  • (2) Co-engagement of PD-1 with PD-L1, TIGIT with CD155 inhibits luciferase activity.
  • (3) Ab-mediated blockade of the PD-1/PD-L1 and TIGIT/CD155 interaction restores luciferase activity.

Products delivered

  1. Reporter gene assay cell line: Effector and Target cells.
  2. Assay protocol: Detailed protocols including instructions for general cell culture and maintenance, and optimized assay setup.
  3. Mycoplasma test report

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