News & Activities » GenScript ProBio and Comprehensive Cell Solutions, a Business Unit of the New York Blood Center Enterprises, Form a Pioneering Partnership to Expedite Cell and Gene Therapy Development and Manufacturing

GenScript ProBio and Comprehensive Cell Solutions, a Business Unit of the New York Blood Center Enterprises, Form a Pioneering Partnership to Expedite Cell and Gene Therapy Development and Manufacturing

Piscataway, NJ and New York, NY - June 7, 2023 – GenScript ProBio, a global contract development and manufacturing organization, and Comprehensive Cell Solutions (CCS), a leader in cell therapy development and manufacturing, have partnered to spearhead the development of cell and gene therapies, offering a unique and seamless integrated solution that spans cell collections and apheresis through cryopreservation of final therapeutics.

Huiyi Zhu of FAS Associate Director(left) and Nathan Mao of PAD Chief Technology Officer (right) from GenScript ProBio, alongside Tracy Kinjerski of Vice President and General Manager(middle) from Comprehensive Cell Solutions, convened at BIO 2023 to signify the commencement of the partnership.

The partnership’s core goal is to accelerate the development of groundbreaking therapies and ensure these transformative therapies are affordable and accessible to the patients who need them. GenScript ProBio and CCS aim to provide pharmaceutical, biotech, hospital, and government entities with a comprehensive suite of cell therapy services. These all-encompassing solutions will help drug developers navigate the intricate challenges of regulatory compliance, cost-effectiveness, quality assurance, and production scalability.

This alliance exemplifies how the proximity of world-class experts, clinicians, and patients to manufacturing specialists and facilities in cell and gene therapies can accelerate and simplify the development and delivery of groundbreaking treatments to patients, starting from conceptualization to commercialization. The initial focus of the collaboration will concentrate on aiding drug developers in advancing cell and gene therapies (CGT) to treat a wide range of indications, including blood cancers, immune disorders, and rare diseases utilizing pioneering modalities including, but not limited to, CAR-T therapies, viral vectors (AAV, LVV, RV, HSV), antibodies (mAb, bsAb, ADC), and vaccines (DNA, mRNA, protein).

The agreement will provide GenScript ProBio with CCS’s expertise in clinical cell therapy manufacturing and bone marrow transplant services, along with access to blood-related products, apheresis and cell sourcing, process development and optimization, analytical testing, cryopreservation, and fill/finish. In return, CCS will be able to leverage GenScript ProBio’s extensive capabilities in developing and manufacturing antibody/protein drugs, plasmids, viral vectors, vaccines, mRNA, and antibody-drug conjugates.

“We’re excited to launch a partnership with GenScript ProBio which expands each of our respective portfolios, and together enables us to support an underserved market of early-stage developers of advanced therapies. With this collaboration, we will streamline and improve the CGT supply chain with continuity and consistency our clients can rely on. This unique one-stop-shop approach accelerates the journey from development to clinic and commercial supply, ultimately improving the lives of patients,” said Tracy Kinjerski, Vice President and General Manager of Comprehensive Cell Solutions.

“Joining forces with New York Blood Center’s Comprehensive Cell Solutions allows us to harness the combined experience and capabilities of both entities to propel innovation and uphold excellence within the cell therapy sector. Our mutual dedication to quality, safety, and efficiency will expedite the development and commercialization of novel cell therapy treatments for patients,” said Patrick Liu, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors at GenScript ProBio.

In this strategic alliance, GenScript ProBio and CCS will cooperate in various areas, including technology transfer, process development, clinical manufacturing, regulatory strategy, and commercial manufacturing of cell therapy drug products.

The joint effort of GenScript ProBio and CCS signifies a major leap forward in addressing existing challenges in the cell therapy industry. This alliance underscores the immense possibility that lies in working together to bring transformative therapies to market.

About Comprehensive Cell Solutions, a Business Unit of New York Blood Center Enterprises

Arising from New York Blood Center Enterprise’s mission to advance the life sciences, Comprehensive Cell Solutions (CCS) is a full-service development and manufacturing organization offering cell sourcing, process development, cryopreservation, cGMP, and fill/finish for cell, gene, and regenerative therapies. CCS serves academic, emerging biotech, and pharma clients, solving their unique manufacturing challenges with access to quality cellular starting material, R&D support, and technical expertise.

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