News & Activities » GenScript Biotech's Biologics R&D and Production Center is Formally Put Into Operation

GenScript Biotech's Biologics R&D and Production Center is Formally Put Into Operation

GenScript Biotech Corporation, a world leading bio-pharmaceutical CDMO company, today announced that its biologics R&D and production center was formally put into operation on July 11, 2019. This represents another milestone for the firm following the groundbreaking ceremony of its commercial manufacturing center in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. Government leaders, experts in the biologics sector, representatives from China's leading and most innovative companies, investors dedicated to the innovation in the pharmaceutical field, and industry journalists witnessed this landmark moment.

Planning of GenScript Biologics R&D and Production Center

Construction of the Nanjing-based, 9,300-square-meter biologics R&D and production center was completed in June 2019. Design and infrastructure of all facilities meet all US, EU and Chinese GMP requirements. Once put into production, the center is expected to meet the production needs of all types and quantities of pre-clinical and phase I clinical samples.

GenScript Biotech, which has received the full support of the government of Jiangning District, has already had a significant positive impact on Nanjing as it continues to grow rapidly. He Tao, deputy director of the management committee of the district was invited to the opening ceremony and delivered a speech during which he said, "Biologics is an important industry for the national economy and people's livelihood. Over the recent years, GenScript Biotech has witnessed rapid growth, which is the first step in the firm's larger expansion. We believe that the firm will become a strong driver of Nanjing's pharmaceutical industry."

Planning of GenScript Biologics R&D and Production Center

Dr. Brian Min, CEO of the biologics business at GenScript Biotech, said in his speech, "We are very glad to be celebrating the opening of our first biologics R&D and production center. We have 17 years of experience in biologics research and development. At the beginning of 2019, we established a foothold in the biologics sector as an independent business. Our team is now growing rapidly. GenScript's planned biologics commercial production center will be the first and largest such facility in China covering cell therapy, gene therapy and antibody drug R&D. We will be able to meet the rapidly evolving demands of gene, cell, antibody and protein therapies. Based on GenScript's mission of 'offering customers the best quality', GenScript remains focused on accelerating our innovative drug development process through the most advanced platform and flexible business model. We are looking forward to bringing a brighter future to patients worldwide through drug development."

Speech by Dr. Brian Min

Dr. Deng Liang, senior R&D director of Betta Pharmaceuticals, a key GenScript partner, said, "With growth of the firm going back more than a decade, GenScript has been a leader in the global biological reagent service industry, with a large number of top talents and the leading biologics CDMO platform. The opening of GenScript biologics R&D and production center not only represents a major milestone in the firm's history, but also sets an example for the construction of a macromolecular biologics GMP production workshop in China. Betta Pharmaceuticals developed icotinib hydrochloride, the first small-molecule targeted anti-cancer drug with full intellectual property rights. Just like GenScript, Betta is innovative and forward-looking. Betta will rely on the high-standard macromolecular drug production platform and enhance communication and cooperation in macromolecular drug R&D. Betta will seize this cooperation opportunity to accelerate novel drug R&D, develop more affordable drugs for people, and jointly make contributions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields."

Speech by Dr. Deng Liang

Following the opening ceremony, guests visited the biologics R&D and production center. Once fully put into production, the center will serve as an end-to-end whole supply chain system, from pre-clinical research, clinical trial and commercial production to R&D, procurement and production. The center will provide more efficient and flexible R&D and production services for domestic and foreign partners.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

GenScript's biologics GMP production center in Nanjing is scheduled to be put into production in 2020, with an accumulated production capacity of up to 2,600 L, meeting the production needs for samples in Phase I and II clinical stages. Phase I of the planned 150,000-square-meter clinical and commercial production center in Zhenjiang is now under construction. Once completed, the center will have an accumulated production capacity of 47,600 L, becoming the first and largest biologics commercial production center covering cell therapy, gene therapy and antibody R&D in China, meeting customers' demands for commercial production of samples. The guests were openly admiring the advanced equipment, strict quality management system and first-class quality and R&D platform during the visit.