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ProSpeed™ Single B Cell Antibody Discovery Platform

GenScript ProBio‘s ProSpeed™ Single B Cell Antibody Discovery Platform is based on Beacon®, which combines optical positioning with microfluidic technology. It enables precise and efficient sorting of single cells into nano-pen chambers, completing diverse and robust assays within minutes. The desired clones were exported into 96 well plates for downstream HTP ProSpeedTM expression, further functional screening assay, and sequencing.

This single B cell screening technology maximizes our access to antibody repertoires, making it inherently superior in preserving B cell diversity, and the validated functional antibody sequences will be obtained as fast as 1 month.

ProSpeedTM Expression

The perfect combination with Beacon® platform

The challenges in Beacon screening:

To address these limits effectively, we integrate the ProSpeedTM expression with Beacon® platform to allow fast and cost-effective discovery of functional Ab leads.

learn how we utilize ProSpeedTM expression in single B cell screening

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Accelerated Therapeutic Antibody Discovery via An Upgraded Beacon-based Single B Cell Ab Discovery Platform

Fully Human Antibody Discovery

Single B cell screening service using transgenic mice, as fast as 1 month to get fully human antibody sequence

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